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Objective 1: Analyze environment gene interactions (GxA) in a sample of patients with a first psychotic episode, their first-degree relatives and a paired sample of healthy controls.

Objective 2: Apply genetic neuroimaging techniques to assess the association between common variants in candidate genes and genetic variants identified in genome wide association studies (GWAS) and longitudinal structural and functional brain changes in patients with first psychotic episodes. .

Objective 3: To study the longitudinal changes in oxidative stress markers, inflammatory and other biochemical markers in patients with first psychotic episodes and controls by means of the analysis of plasma markers and brain metabolites using magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Objective 4: Examine the influence of genetic and environmental factors and their interaction on the development, course and prognosis of psychotic disorders.

Objective 5: Examine the symptomatic dimensions affected in psychosis and its stability over time.

Objective 6: To study the influence of GxA interactions on the evolution of cognitive and neurophysiological functioning in patients with first psychotic episodes.

Objective 7: To evaluate the efficacy of a mindfulness-based group intervention to improve social cognition and social functioning in patients with a first episode of psychosis (AGESMind study).